SP Flash Tool for MTK based Android

Smart Phone Flash Tool is known SP Flash Tool in short term which derived to flash MTK based Android. It works through Windows and Linux promising complete Stock/Custom ROM flash, Custom Recovery, Flash recovery, recover soft-bricked devices, handle firmware upgrades /downgrades and more alike in your Android making it a more powerful device. But the chance only unwraps for MediaTek powered Android as SP Flash Tool is made only to work on them. So here it is the chance to get all facts around the tool, its support for the devices, tool updates together with complete guide to Stock ROM Flash.

sp flash tool download
The decision to flash or not is at your hand. But if you pick “Yes” the payback comes immense as you are stepping out of the stock walls of Android. So those think you need changes above what manufacturers have set with a single ROM, Flashing is a great way reveals what you can actually do with a modernized Android system. And with SP Flash, it will be much comfortable for the user where all set with a 100% supportive interface targeting beginners to flash and up to all experts. For further all these can be done completely free conflicting to some different tool options for the same intention.

SP flash tool download – v3.1352.01

Why SP Flash Tool?

SP Flash Tool is a worthy download which comes completely free to the user. But as it comes as PC application, you are not allowed to Download SP Flash Tool directly on your mobile. However with its cross-platform support with both Linux and Windows, more number of users get the chance for SP Flash use for any file flash on your MTK based Android. And for more, the tool is found in an extremely helpful interface where all-level users are given the opportunity to get comfortable with the tool function. But have to remember it allows strictly for MTK users.

Need Root?

To get use of SP Flash Tool, you need to be rooted. If you aren’t rooted yet, we recommend you to follow one-click easy root on the device which is manageable on the device itself. And as both root and flash on Android (MTK) need extra caution in the processing, take the responsibility at your hand. Remember that we or any party would not hold whichever accountability for the possible errors and damages and have to take the whole process at your own risk.

SP Flash Tool Uses

  • Flash stock/custom firmware files on Android MTK powered devices (Scatter based files)
  • Hard retune on MTK based Android devices
  • Supports in upgrade and downgrade the Android Firmware
  • Read and reorganize the parameters
  • Flash Custom recovery
  • Manages complete backups
  • RAM testing and verifying (external memory)
  • Helps to recuperate soft-bricked Android (MTK) and bring back to working state

Compatible Devices for the Tool

As constantly stated, SP flash Tool only workable for the MediaTek powered Android devices. So as long as you are a MTK power-driven Android user, SP Flash Tool is easily reached. And as it is not yet planned for the devices none-MediaTek, we cannot confirmedly say how the developing team will plan of expanding SP Flash support for the device in times to come. So until we come up with an update, remember that it only works for MTK devices.

SP Flash Tool Download- Updated Tool Version

SP Flash Tool V5.1708 is now updated for a better flashing experience. It features enhancements together with slight changes in the build. And for more, the tool comes addressing bugs in previous tool functions and also with crashes in the support for the platforms.

Change log V5.1708

    • Upgraded Devices support
    • Addition of Linux 64 bit is enhanced
    • Windows XP bug fixes

Complete Guide to Stock ROM Flash with SP Flash Tool Download

  • The possibility of getting errors in system level modification is high. Although SP Flash hardly put the user in danger, there too you required high caution and proper preparation. For a fine flow, take the instructions below.
  • Note: The process void the device warranty, so proceed at your own responsibility.
  • To avoid data thrashing, back the complete device.
  • Get a Windows or Linux PC ready.
  • Install correct ADB drivers.
  • Power charge the device at least for 60%.
  • Enable USB debugging in your Android.
  • Remove the device battery from the device if it is only allowed in your device model.
  • Download the correct Stock ROM on the PC and extract to get workable formats

How To in Step Guide?

Following only a few easy steps could make you successful in Smart Phone Flash. So see the proper step guide below.
Step 1: Search the convenient tool version and Download SP Flash Tool on the PC. Then extract
Step 2: Launch SP Flash exe file from the extracted folder
Step 3: Head the tab “Download”
Step 4: Select “Scatter loading” there
Step 5: Then place the scatter file in the required location
Step 6: Click “Download” and give some minutes to complete the progress
Step 7: Connect the device to the PC but removed the battery
Step 8: Now let the process go and conclude with a Green Ring

SP Flash Tool Video Tutorial

Troubleshooting Tips

  • The tool comes in an easy conduct. But if you get mistaken in the processing, the tool has no inbuilt feature for repair which could force you a complete restore. So giving no space for big fixes, take a look at basic troubleshooting tips.
  • If your device not identified by SP Flash Tool, make sure you have downloaded the correct tool version. If you still find the error even with a changed tool version, try to change the PC
  • If you’re the process gets disconnected often, change the USB code and repeat the steps
  • If you get a strange screen in SP flash launch, you must have started with the incompatible ROM, so double check and find the right ROM to install on the device
  • In respect to the device model, tool version and running firmware the process may come in different time scales, so make sure to have full or sufficient power charge
  • When the process goes, do not interrupt with other involvements
  • If the progress at 0%, reinstall PC drivers and run the steps

For Whom Thanks Go?

For developing and giving rights for SP flash Free Download are sincerely thanked for MediaTek Inc. And as the team keep on upgrading their work, you will be able to find more tool upgrades in SP Flash Tool with expanded work frame.

A flashed device is capable of a lot of advanced features. So take your turn with SP Flash Tool on your MediaTek powered Android.